Sunday, October 01, 2006

Watch ABC TV on Your Computer

Totally cool. Unobtrusive advertising. Waste only 45 minutes of your life instead of one hour! I just watched my first episode of Grey's Anatomy.

My husband said the show was "wholly unredeeming". I begged to differ. "Patrick Dempsy is redeeming," said I. "He gives hope to nerds everywhere." (And frumpy mothers, too.)

Via Fat Doctor who has an interesting blog, by the way.

Update: The episode tonight had a 14 year old kid who dumped her baby in the waste basket and they had to do surgery. The rescued preemie was in the ER, they couldn't find a vein for an IV and all these coughing bit actors around. The doc runs with the baby foot-ball style,0\ like he's heading for a touchdown, and not even bagging it. Steve and I laughed and laughed. Obviously, this show is character, not accuracy, driven.


Anonymous said...

This is cool but I never watch these shows. Some of my friends think I'm down right weird because I don't. They plan their entire week around some of these programs. I just get bored with them.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch them either. Could never get into the survivor thing or that american idol. All those so-called real life programs are so boring and quite frankly i'm embarrassed for those people. Grey's Anatomy...since i have so little respect for the medical profession as it is...present company excluded.....I have no interest in it.

Anonymous said...

I'm gald I'm not so weird after all! :-)

Dr. Melissa said...

Well, I don't watch TV period, except for a ball game here and there or a Frontline special on PBS that seems interesting. Otherwise, I don't watch either. I might watch an episode while doing other things, though, while online. Multitasking.

RDoc said...

fatdoctor is definetily an interesitng blog.