Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flu Spread by Air Travel

Ways to avoid the flu:

  1. Build a strong immune system.
  2. Avoid people from the months of September until May. (Hey, it's only six months.)
  3. Get the flu every few years and up your immunity.
Our family got wiped by the flu a couple years ago. We haven't had the flu since (some lovely Roto-viruses, though). The virus hadn't mutated enough to make us vulnerable again.

Of course air travel spreads the flu. Enclosed with sick people, recycled air that on a good day smells like a soccer player's sweaty socks, potential terrorists and the stress of being confined and at the mercy of bitchy airline attendents contribute to happiness and fulfillment. What? The thought of the whole thing doesn't make you sick?

I do think that avoiding plane travel in the winter months would go a long way to staying well. Exposure to a virus outside with fresh air versus being enclosed and exposed must change the chances of actually getting the virus. Ewwwwww! It's just disgusting to think about those nasty planes.

Pillows with drool.
Blankets with snot.
Magazines with hand germs.
Bathrooms where people don't wash.
Air with sneeze-born death molecules.

I think I feels a sneeze coming on and suddenly my head aches.

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