Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dixie Chicks Update

Those crazy birds (and I do think Chick is a good name for them--do you know how stupid chickens are?) keep chirping. Natalie Maines, lead singer and political sophisticate says this:

"Your a dumb f@#%, " to the camera--meaning President Bush.

And you, Ms. Maines are the smartest country singer. Ever.

The doc includes footage shot up through June of this year — capturing the sense of triumph when the album easily hits No. 1, and the letdown when tour sales turn out to be disappointing. Maines says ''Arenas or nothing!'' at one point, and is seen vociferously arguing that they turn down a guarantee from promoters in favor of a bigger percentage of the gross, because she believes the tour will be a sellout — a decision ultimately believed to have cost the group millions.

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Anonymous said...

i don't get this. Are they Trying to commit career hari kiri? No one wants to attend their concerts because they are fed up with their mouths so the next best thing to do is curse like a sailor....on tv.....directed at the president...in full view of their soon to be x fans. I think this is what is called misplaced anger. They've destroyed their own ,booming i might add, career and now they're mad at George Bush. I'm done with them.