Saturday, September 16, 2006

"-isms" in the Left's: Boobs and Homos and Crones, Oh My!

Why not wade into these shark-infested waters? Glenn Reynolds says:

One might almost think that feminism has become nothing more than a subset of the Democratic Party's activist base. Actually, that has become so obvious that even Maureen Dowd managed to figure it out when she famously commented: "Feminism died in 1998 when Hillary allowed henchlings and Democrats to demonize Monica as an unbalanced stalker, and when Gloria Steinem defended Mr. Clinton against Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones."
It's all about supporting the right people politically, even if it turns you into a groper's support group. Which was, of course, the point of Althouse's post.

Ann Althouse made a great point about how leftist bloggers claim to be tolerant and practice misogyny full-throatedly. She also said this:
What are you going to do? Guys love breasts. I think Jessica knows that quite well. And I think for all her gasping outrage, she's thoroughly pleased to get this attention. And as for you chumps who spent the afternoon defending her... well, you're chumps. So am I for giving her the publicity.... but what the hell? It's Friday.
I did link to her post, like everyone else apparently (she has 478 comments at this moment) and said this:
It's brain to boobs today. Forget I.Q.! Let's discuss what really keeps Darwin's natural selection selected. Feminism. Yeah, that's the ticket. Feminism is the magnetic force ensuring the continuation of the species.
I was being cheeky, of course. Underneath all the "give peace a chance" mantras is some serious anger and self-loathing. Language is a dead give-away. When pushed in an argument, the push-back is not a coherent counter-argument. It is personal in a classically un-politically correct way.

The ones crying foul (the girl with the perky breasts pissed off at Ann for calling her out for preening for an ex-president who knows his way around mammaries) speak and act in the most misogynist, sexist, anti-semitic, racially prejudiced, homo-hating and (fill-in-the-blank oppressed group) way.

When they speak, write and act this way, they pull out the worst epithets they can find and they are invariably offensive to their own professed dogma. Interestingly enough, they possess absolutely zero sense of humor and satire is lost on the whole lot. Because, of course, the issues are serious. So why go to these vulnerable, venerable places when on the ropes?

Jeff Goldstein made a similar point (don't tell these two that they agreed on anything, it will upset the natural order of things) about homophobia here and here, the general truism that when Lefties argue it gets personal and hateful, by their own standards, and never addresses the actual criticism. Jeff says:
And even though I am no great fan of the religious right (see Schiavo, Terry) at least one knows where they (ostensibly) stand: hate the sin, love the sinner. Whereas many progressives, it seems to me, have inverted that bromide entirely. Which is to say, judging by my recent experiences in dealing with these paragons to tolerance and “diversity”, it is clear that many on the political left will pretend to love the “sin” (they believe doing so marks them as compassionate and nuanced and provides them the moral high-ground from which to justify their every attempt to deploy an ends-justifies-the-means form of social advocacy), even while they secretly hate the sinner. Which is evident every time an individual for whose “kind” they ostentatiously agitate—be it an individual homosexual or black or Hispanic—presumes to stray from the ideological plantation they have so carefully landscaped, and over which they have appointed themselves masters.
Which brings us around to Glenn's point:
It's all about supporting the right people politically, even if it turns you into a groper's support group. Which was, of course, the point of Althouse's post.
So the left side of the blogland, and in real-life too, can, without irony call Michelle Malkin and LaShawn Barber all kinds of ethnic slurs, assault Jeff Goldstein's Joo-ness, and call Ann Althouse an "old crone". Politically, It's okay, see, 'cause they have "absolute moral authority". Oh wait, that's Cindy Sheehan.

When someone on the moderate or right side points out the inconsistency between stated beliefs and actual words and actions, watch out!

Update: Dr. Helen is "okay with tits" just not tit-tackling enablers, evidently.


Anonymous said...

Feminism is the magnetic force ensuring the continuation of the species.

Then why do enlightened feminist-conscious Europe and America have reproductive rates BELOW two per couple and Islamic Republics rates of five or more per woman of the harem?

One declines in population each generation, the other more than doubles. Which will go extinct or be absorbed into the other?

Dr. Melissa said...

Um, I was using sarcasm. That wasn't clear?