Friday, September 15, 2006

Sundries: "A Horse Of Course"

Trendy trends in the sex industry courtesy the Danish people. Ace is swimming in the gutter with his friend Flicka. Whatever floats yer...."boat", there Ace. It gets worse.

According to this article in Aftenposten, Norway's second largest newspaper, Denmark is the first stop for Norwegians, in the little talked-about sex-with-animal farms.

"Neither Denmark nor Norway has a prohibition on sex with animals, as long as the animals do not suffer.

On the Internet Danish animal owners advertise openly that they offer sex with animals, without intervention from police or other authorities, Danish newspaper 24timer reports."

As long as the animals do not suffer, this is the line that kills me.

You can't so much as cough on a fox in Britain, anymore, or wear your grannie's chinchilla, without PETA staging a protest outside your walk-in closet.

So where have they been all these years, when Scandinavians decide to pork your porker?
Is it any wonder the Jihadist crusaders are crusading? Give me a break! What a depraved mess Western "civilization" has become.


vbspurs said...

Hey, thanks for the linklove, Dr. Clouthier!

I'll linkback to you as a courtesy.


Anonymous said...

So where have they been all these years, when Scandinavians decide to pork your porker?

But that's SEXUAL, and Nothing Can Be Allowed To Stand In The Way Of Total Sexual Freedom (TM)!

(In 10+ years in furry fandom, I've had to deal with "Zoos", as they call themselves with great pride. Lets just say the NAMBLANs at the end of South Park's "Cartman joins NAMBLA" episode are not alone in their attitude and justifications.)

Dr. Melissa said...

Furry fandom for those not aware (I read about this once--a Cliff Clavin moment is coming) is the literary movement where stuffed animals or regular animals are anthropomorphized (given human traits) in stories.

Evidently some people give animals human traits and convince themselves that the pig really is as turned on by them as these sick freaks are turned on by the pig.

Beastiality: the right to fight for.