Sunday, September 03, 2006

Laboring Lightly

Labor Day Weekend and all, ya'll.

Alas, I wish I were kickin' back, but yesterday the good doc and I went to a memorial service for a beloved patient. We've had three very young women in our practice die fighting cancer, leaving behind young children. (We are Chiropractors, not Oncologists, so we don't see this every day. Our job is more keeping people well, although we do have a fairly significant group of people trying to help themselves get better through nutrition in addition to medical treatment.) Anyway, she has lovely children and the whole thing is heartbreaking. I'm not cut out for death and grief and yet it has hounded me anyway.

Please pray for this family and others suffering with sorrow and loss. It makes you consider...death and life, and carpe diem and all that stuff. Time is short friends, no matter how long our life may last.

Dust in the wind.....

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Gina Cobb said...

You're right. It's good to be reminded now and then.