Friday, September 01, 2006

Morbidly Obese Kids With Lower IQ?

Maybe. You know so much of childhood development is kinesthetic and not just neuro-cognitive. By that I mean that many people view brain development a progressive neurological path, no matter the physical activity.

My experience with my children, though, leads me to believe that physical development, and activity, corresponds to cognitive and social development. For example, a child who is late to sit, is also late to make consistent eye-contact that sitting brings thus affecting visual and social input. How can you observe and catalog if you don't see? Likewise, a child slow to crawl, does not expand mental boundaries--their life experience is limited to their immediate surroundings.

The actual movement, too, seems to help "coordinate" the mind. Much has been made of cross-crawl exercises, and of course, this is a developmental stage that upright humans never fully leave (we don't hop and drag our opposite leg as a general rule).

An interesting aside: Facial symmetry and assymmetry is associated with brain hemisphere and emotions exhibited. Muscles are used based on emotions and vice versa. When you smile, you change your brain chemistry.

All this relates to fat kids because they are inhibit from normal movement, and therefore, I think cognitive as well as social development could be affected.

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