Monday, September 18, 2006

Right Wing Nuthouse: Pope Knew What He Was Doing

This was my point, that no one seemed to excited about when I posted here and over at Protein Wisdom. This is what the Pope's speech has done:

  1. Illuminated Islam's penchant for violence and lack of reason.
  2. Reminded the secularized West that it is reasonable to oppose violence and lack of reason.
  3. Garnered support from other world religious and secular leaders.
The final one is the most important. When the Pope stood up, why all sorts of simpering silly-heads came to his defense when he was threatened and maligned for his stance: Angela Merkel, Anglican leadership, the Eastern Orthodox church, and even Salman Rushdie.

There hasn't been this much unity in the West since 9/11, and we all know how much there was then.

Like I asked before, was the Pope's speech a call to arms (uniting the Pope and the Prez) or a call to turn tail? Right Wing Nuthouse believes the Pope "THROWN DOWN THE GAUNTLET TO ISLAM". Maybe. Or maybe he threw down the gauntlet to Christians.

I do believe that speech was a seminal moment in history.

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