Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Syria Attack

My first thought, when hearing about the Syria consulate attack had been "thwarted" by the Syrian government was, "Whatever! Terrorists don't wipe their asses in Syria without Assad knowing about it."

When I heard President Bush say something to the effect that "this shows that Syria could be a potential ally in the war on terror" or some such pap, I snorted. Shurrrrr they can, W. Come on, please don't give the other side such easy ammo.

This is my first post about it even though the bombing happened earlier. I wanted to wait until more info came out. Glenn Reynolds links to the Counterterrorism Blog which confirms my suspicians. (Yes, I can be a consipiracy theorist when the conspiracy actually makes sense.)

According to well informed Syrian sources, today's Terrorist attack against the US embassy in Damascus is one of the "Machiavellian" Assad operations. Let's remind ourselves that the Syrian regime's senior strategists and intelligence officers were trained by the sophisticated "intox" schools of the former Soviet's KGB. One of the main tactics of this old school, refined by Hafez Assad during his rule of Syria is based on the following concept: If the equation is to your disadvantage, create a new problem, offer to solve it, obtain recognition; and by that you'd change the equation.
Read the whole thing.

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