Friday, September 01, 2006

Wendy's Vanilla Frosty

Since I'm posting on silly topics this afternoon, I thought I'd put a good word in for Wendy's Vanilla Frostys.

You know how custard is too rich? You know how some soft serve is too bland? The Vanilla Frosty hits the sweet spot in between. I highly recommend it! (And, no I'm not on Wendy's dole.)

As an aside, the kid at Wendys was smart. He came over to our family and handed out samples for us all to try. We certainly weren't going to buy one. So good marketing!

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Christy're said...

I love the Frosty...but as an aside, it was originally the malt of Winstead's, a Kansas City chain. Wendy's bought the recipie but let Winstead's keep the recipe as long as they didn't call it the Frosty.

In overall food quality, Winstead's blows Wendy's out of the water and I've never understood why it wasn't Winsteads that went national!