Monday, October 30, 2006

Cell Phones

Hi all, in the midst of a world gone mad, today I ponder the mundane: cell phones. My Sprint contract expires in November and my phone is a modern mechanical messed up marvel. I need a new one and I need help.

I want, yea, verily have lusted for lo, these two years, one of these. Should I buy it for the low, low price of $49.95 with a Cingular contract?


Chalmers said...

No Way! Stick with Sprint, get a Samsung Blade A900. Sprint is the best deal, better service and Cingular blows! Plus you can talk to me whenever you want without using your minutes on Sprint!

Seriously though, the A900 is sturdier than the Razr. Plus you can put all the NeoCon songs you like on your A900... Toby Keith, that Australian Chick, Lee Greenwood... :-)

Dr. Melissa said...

Very funny!
Lee Greenwood, my favorite! Two Lee Greenwood stories:
1) On the Disney Cruise in the Karyoke Bar, someone decided to do this song. Well, all the Americans (all) stood up and sang their hearts out, including me. I had to wonder what the foreign chaps thought.

2) At the kids other elementary school, the Principal would blast I'm Proud to be An American EVERY day before school, after the pledge of allegiance on the loudspeakers. It was brainwashing, I tell you.

I thought I'd lose my mind and I only dropped the kid off in car line.

Thanks for the tips on the phone. I'll check it out.