Monday, October 16, 2006

Disney Cruise Wrap-Up

If you remember, I wasn't especially confident about the ability of one Magical Cruise Ship's ability to keep everyone in the family happy. Other than my familial tendency to bray at the moon because it hangs in the sky a little too low, make that high, make that bright, the whole trip exceeded my expectations.

For my kids, it was everything they dreamed in their most fantastical Supercalifragilistic dreams. To see them glow with non-stop delight delighted me. My daughter still doesn't believe me when I tell her the actress and actor who played Peter Pan and the "little girl" in her favorite stage show were adults. "How do you know that, Mama? Are you just guessing or do you know?" Having not seen the actual birth certificates, I was stymied. "Well, I'm just guessing," is my feeble reply. "That's what I thought," she smiles triumphantly.

We had multiple similar conversations throughout the week. One nice thing about being housed in 225 sq. ft. retangular for a week is that we all talked--a lot. The kids had us separated from work and obligations. We all loved it.

About a Disney Cruise:

  • Expect to gladly spend your life savings.
  • There is no such thing as a budget Disney Cruise.
  • Palo, the restaurant, is fantastic. If you sail with the Magic ask for Rishi to be your server.
  • Swim with the dolphins in Cozumel.
  • Grand Cayman was not at all what I expected. Still a mess from 2004's Ivan.
  • Cozumel is gorgeous.
  • Castaway Cay (Disney's island) is quite possibly the best family day at the beach you'll ever have anywhere.
  • Flounders, the place for babies under three isn't that great. It's too small, too sterile, and lacks enough play things.
  • You absolutely must try the Razul spa treatment with your significant other. I recommend signing up for one at the beginning of the cruise and the end.
  • The stage shows are great.
  • The Pirate Party is the most fun you can have on the high seas. A total blast! Literally, Disney is the only cruise line allowed to have fire works on board and they are phenomenal.
  • Disney is cruising the Mediterranean this year. They are also building three new ships.
  • Disney's cruise line is built for children. There is nothing like bumping into Lilo on the way to get a snack. How can you beat that? Bump into Cinderella, that's how.
I know there is more I'm forgetting, but the whole thing was great fun. My children smiled and giggled for over a week. That's something money can't buy. Well, yes, I guess it can.


kman said...

Hmmm.... go to Disney World... go on a Disney Cruise.... Any pro's / cons as to which would be better / more enjoyable for the family.

MaxedOutMama said...

I'm terribly glad you had fun. Your entire family deserved it.

I say, Peter Pan is Peter Pan. No need to explicate.

Dr. Melissa said...

The funny thing was that Peter Pan's fakeness was not in dispute. To her, it was obvious he was not the real Peter Pan. The little girl she asked me about, but didn't believe me when I told her.

I agree in principle. Peter Pan is Peter Pan. Cinderella is Cinderella. That's all there is to it.

Dr. Melissa said...


Depends on what you want to do. We went to Disney World last year. Bought the 10-day forever passes so we could go back at lower prices. (Good deal, do it.) The kids loved it. The rides, the excitement.

Do you have teens? Are they outgoing? They will LOVE a cruise. You will too. Set them off and see them at the end. It's safe. They will have a ball.

Kids around 4 might enjoy a cruise more--not as much walking and a kids club.

The cruise is more relaxing, but it can be outrageously busy if you want it to be.

Both are great. It really just depends on what you want. Multi-generational families love the cruise because there is something for everyone and not too much walking.

The key with the cruise? Don't expect non-stop family togetherness. It will disappoint. If you're okay being together here and there, rather than everywhere, you'll love it. (And you don't have to worry about food. That's a huge plus.)

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