Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hung by the Polls

A few weeks ago, while listening to the blather and reading the drivel about how the Democrats were twenty points up everywhere, I thought to myself, "Self, these polls are bogus. The press is one big Democratic machine." The Democrats were going to win, Win, WIN blared the talking heads! I hate the press.

Then the Foley thing happened and I hated the press worse. A little-known Republican closeted gay dude gets outed by people who love gay people--as opposed to Republicans who hate gay people--for sending smarmy emails to pages. Yuck and puhleeze.

Then, wonder of wonders, polls started tightening up. Who are these pollsters calling? Are they even reaching likely Republican voters? Voters like me don't answer the phone from unknown phone numbers. Heck, my friends get p.o.'d 'cuz I don't answer the phone from known numbers.

My brother says that people answering the phones and saying "Ahm uh Democrat" will say anything, complain and then not manage the energy to actually go to the poll and vote. Conversely, I say, that while Republicans might not answer the phones, they actually vote.

This election will make one thing clear: the Pollsters are full of crap and should be ignored.

Or, some people think the Democrats are so confident because they have a massive voter fraud scheme cooked up. We'll see.

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