Monday, October 30, 2006

Pill Causes Breast Cancer

Speaking of the Pill, this meta-analysis shows a HUGE increase in pre-menopausal breast cancer in women who use the pill before their first child. My comments in Red:

A meta-analysis published in the October issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicts oral contraceptives as putting premenopausal women at significantly increased risk for breast cancer, especially women who use them prior to having a child. Who doesn't use the Pill before having kids? That's when a woman uses the Pill.

The meta-analysis builds on many studies with similar findings. But even as the findings stack up, many women are unaware (because Doctors out-right tell patients that there is NO RISK. You wouldn't believe the number of women we see on the Pill who have headaches[a contraindication], a family history of heart disease [a contraindication], high blood pressure [a contraindication]. )of the risks posed by oral contraceptive use prior to pregnancy, says lead study author Chris Kahlenborn, M.D., of Altoona Hospital in Altoona, Pa.

Dr. Kahlenborn says the discrepancy between risk and patient awareness prompted the meta-analysis, which involved extracting data from 34 studies on whether oral contraceptive (OC) use is associated with premenopausal breast cancer. Included in the studies were women who were premenopausal or younger than 50 and who had been, in most cases, diagnosed with breast cancer during or after 1980.

"As I studied the medical literature, I noticed that a trend appeared," says Dr. Kahlenborn. "Namely, OC use prior to first-term pregnancy seemed to consistently increase the risk of premenopausal breast cancer. Although the trend was apparent, premenopausal women have continued to hear that OCs are basically safe."(Again, this is the accepted medical dogma. Find me one, ONE, ob/gyn who lays out this risk to women.)

Rather, patients should know that sustained oral contraceptive use prior to pregnancy increases a premenopausal woman's risk of developing breast cancer, says Dr. Kahlenborn. He says physicians should better inform their patients of the risks associated with oral contraceptives and calls it a "clear-cut informed consent issue." (Yes it is, but doctor won't tell patients this information because it is politically incorrect to say anything. They view a woman on the Pill as the lesser of the evils, even when unattached women have increased risks of STDs and other long-term problems with Pill usage.)

The study noted that 21 out of 23 retrospective studies have shown an increased risk of breast cancer in women who took oral contraceptives prior to pregnancy. It also showed that those women experienced an increased risk of 44 percent. (44%--can you imagine if it was found that carrots increased the risk of blindness 44%. What would doctors say?)

What's more, in 2005, the World Health Organization officially classified oral contraceptives as a class one carcinogen, the study's authors say.

These are staggering results given that more that more than 45,000 women each year develop breast cancer prior to menopause, Dr. Kahlenborn says.

"My hope is that physicians will provide more detailed information to their patients about hormonal contraceptives," he says. "The authors of our meta-analysis believe that women deserve to be fully informed."

Finally, have you seen this information in the news? No? Why not? Well, The Pill enjoys cult status among the sexual liberation set. Feminists view the Pill as the great equalizer. I'll grant that the Pill has probably been the most significant factor in our cultural change, I vehemently disagree that is a good thing. When the illusion of "controlled" sexuality became the defacto dogma, many things happened:
  1. Unprotected sex increased the spread of STDs
  2. An increase in out-of-wedlock births because of the reliance on an unreliable contraceptive
  3. An increase in abortion--again for those "surprise" births
  4. The expectation that a man would not have to support a woman who got pregnant. Her birth control didn't work. She didn't take precautions. She should get an abortion.
  5. Lower birth rates. The birthrate in the United States has diminished, and it is being buoyed by Mormans and Mexicans. That's great. And all the narcissistic Boomers will be glad that at least someone is procreating to keep them in the style they're accustomed to.
  6. Disease. Heart disease. High blood pressure. Migraines. Emotional imbalance. And now breast cancer. The Pill trades transient pleasure for long-term pain.
The fact that Ob/Gyns still push these things as if they are actually good for young women is just wrong. The same goes for recommending condoms when they don't prevent HPV infections and women end up sterile because of latent infections. Sure, there is a vaccine now, but that can do nothing for the thousands of women who have already suffered with cervical cancer and infertility.

The Sexual Revolution was a joke. Ultimately the biggest losers are women. A woman is often in the unfortunate position of "choosing", lucky her--she gets to choose!--single parenthood or an abortion. She gets the nasty surprise of a devastating STD's effects years down the road in the form of scarring--sorry, no children the natural way for you, honey. You've been liberated! And I haven't even mentioned AIDs. Have we forgotten the ravages of that disease? Seems like far too many have forgotten--to their own destruction.

Parents are not wrong to scare the hell out of their hormonal teenagers. The possible outcome of indiscriminate sex are scary, heart-breaking and can be lethal. The only sensible recommendation is for doctors and parents is to tell their kids to abstain before marriage and marry someone as circumspect as you have been. Of course, that recommendation is tough to make when you've been promiscuous yourself. You know what? All parents are hypocrites. Tell them anyway.

It is also a tough recommendation to follow. I can guarantee you: STDs, abortion, single-parenthood, AIDs, and cancer are tougher. The physical consequences of a little pleasure last for such a long time. The psychological and spiritual consequences can be even more devastating.


Matthew said...

I went with Amanda to her "annual" some years ago when she was choosing to no longer be on the pill. I was in the room when she told him that she was no longer going to be on the pill.
Doctor: "What, do you want to get pregnant?!?"
Amanda: "No, we plan on using contraception."
Doc: "Well, that rarely works effectively. You'll probably end up pregnant."
Amanda (looking at me with a look of trepidation): Well...
Me: "I will be taking care of the contraception and if we get pregnant, that is fine. No more pill."
Amanda (look of relief): "Yeah."
Doc: "Well, whatever."

These doctors, that are practicing their love of women (as W would say), have very little concern for their patients and even less concern for their future. It is infuriating. I was ready to punch the guy in the nose. Sad thing is, one of Amanda's good friends had the same doc and when she told him that she wanted to get off the pill (she was there alone), he talked her out of it, telling her she would be pregnant in three months without the pill.

Anonymous said...

I had extreemly negative side affects from the pill and particular from a birth control shot taken every 3 months. I warn women as often as I can because it did such a number on me. I am not a suicidal person at all, but during that time when I was on those shots, life became so bleak. I felt like I had fallen in a black hole from which I could not get out. Then one night, I sat down wrote a few letters to some folks explaining why I could not go on any more. I sealed them and put stamps on them. As I looked at those letters, I fell to my knees crying my eyes out screaming at God, "why, why, why". As I stilled myself, I had this thought to see a doctor since I had dealt with many things in my life but never considered such extreem measure.
I went to see the doctor the next day and lo and behold, this stupid shot put me in a menapausel state with a full blown depression to go with it. I was only 30 years old at that time. I went off of it immediatly! I also developed a heart condition during that same time. The doctors could not explain it but once I was off the shot, my heart started to get better and today there are no traces of a "early hypertrophic cardiomyopothy". I believe it had to do with the shot! Dangerous stuff!!!