Monday, October 30, 2006

"Sperm Busting Male Pill"

My favorite headline to describe the male pill that's in the works comes from Australia. Reminds me of the "bunker busting" bombs. Very manly sounding--"sperm busting." So far, no long term side-effects.

This is very good news. Men have a less sensitive system than women--it just doesn't change as much throughout the cycle. I'm wonder though, what if a "half-busted" sperm makes it out of the gates and into the egg? Is it possible? Will it make a mutant?

Those would be my questions, anyway.

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Matthew said...

"Will it make a mutant?"

You are hilarious. What I don't understand is this: what is so freaking difficult about wearing a condom? What is so difficult about not having indiscriminate sex?