Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Safe in Houston

Airport security takes many amusing forms. I do love men in uniform. Unfortunately, I think that the new rules make the average traveller more disrespectful to our protectors.

On the way back from Disney, I got stopped in the airport by a very zealous, retiree intent on saving the world from mascara. What with trying to get the fifth fleet to the airport, schlep all our crap and not forget anything (which I did anyway), I forgot to put the offending articles in a ziploc baggie. The clear, plastic-acrylic bag that snapped shut wasn't good enough. You could see everything. It was obviously make-up. I'm lugging my 18 month old and trying to converse with this guy. I wanted to box his ears.

This is where political correctness has brought us: the young guy mumbling in Arabic gets to breeze through security while a forgetful mom gets her bags deconstructed and $50 of make-up gets tossed to save humanity.

If America gets attacked after enduring these routine, stupid, unbelievably unhelpful indignities, people are going to be really pissed.


Chalmers said...

Amen, sister.

I have had it up to here with the "security" in airports. I have very little respect for law enforcement to begin with, but the TSA isn't changing my mind. Just a couple examples:
1) TSA employee reading a paperback book taken from an open suitcase being inspected at baggage check.
2) 75 year lady being strip searched because she has an underwire bra on.
3) 7 year old girl being strip searched as part of "random" searches.
4) 88 year old woman being interogated by TSA employee because her ticket has a first name of "Beth" and her license has a first name of "Sara Beth"

Makes me want to puke. The terrorists have at least won the battle on that front!

Anonymous said...

You've heard the talk-show host joke about "How to breeze through airport security"?

Just grow the correct-length of beard, wear a turban, and speak only Arabic, especially "Allahu Akbar!"

That is, until you get stopped. At that point, you start yelling the only English you'll speak:


Anonymous said...

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