Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weather Bodes Ill

It's raining again. Makes me think of the Supertramp song. The lake that handles the run-off is coming over it's banks. The golf courses (as planned) are flooded. We have friends and neighbors who have water up to their fences. Some back to the lake. Some back to greenbelts--essentially drainage ditches.

We are under flood watch and watching it flood is just about what we'll be doing. Ah, Houston. I love her, but she does have some kick ass weather. Hot as hades in the summer. Humid and stiffling. Mold that grows out your nose there's so much of it. Pollen counts off the charts. And rain. Lots and lots of rain.

People worry about hurricanes but the most damage ever done around here recently came courtesy Tropical Storm Allison that sat and dumped copious amounts of water. Houses all around here were buried in water.

If it keeps going, we're going to be slogging through swamps ala Allison. Sigh.