Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Age of Ameritopia--UPDATE


Glenn Reynolds says, THE DEMOCRATS WIN, AND THE SUN STARTS TO SHINE! "Poll: Afghans express confidence in country's direction, security."

Poll: Afghans express confidence in country's direction, security
By Paul Wiseman

Most of the 6,200 surveyed say they are satisfied with democracy, but corruption is a major problem

Despite a raging pro-Taliban insurgency, the people of Afghanistan say they are optimistic about the future, satisfied with their young democracy and rank security low on their list of everyday concerns, according to a survey out today.

Who knows what else will suddenly get better this week?

Why everything, of course! We now live in Ameritopia, Glenn.


Ace has a contest you can win. Go over and check it out. Big prizes!!!!!! And it's FREE!!!!

Now that a new age has dawned in Washington, what wonderful things will happen that didn't happen for the last six years? The contest has already started. Here's a few examples:

  • Unicorn parks. Kites flying in Iraq, again. And unlimited Chuck E. Cheese tokens for everyone.
  • I sat down in the situation room this morning for my daily constitution when, much to my suprise, a rainbow shot out of my ass.

    It smelled of jasmine, lavender, and freshly cut flowers.

    After I finished (no cleanup!) I walked outside and three baby bunnyrabbits hopped up and sat in my lap while I scratched their furry little ears. One of them presented me with a small pot of gold bullion which I attempted to give to the homeless man on the corner, but strangely he was not there this morning.

  • Thank God! No more hurricanes!
  • Iran gives up bomb aspirations to take up kite flying.
  • Holy crap. Raising me from the dead is even better then being able to make me walk again. Thank you Democrats.

    Posted by: Christopher Reeves on November 9, 2006 10:53 AM
Paradise for all ye fellow comrades! Are you enjoying it yet?

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