Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bush Working with Those of Like Mind

When I heard President Bush say how hard he'd work with the Democrats:

Within hours of an election that puts Democrats in charge of the House and the Senate for the final two years of Bush's presidency, the president and the woman all but certain to be House speaker proclaimed reconciliation.

I mused to myself: If only he'd taken that tack with his own party. Wait a minute, the only thing he agrees with his party on is the War in Iraq. (OK, and cutting taxes.)

I've said it before, and want to say it again, the Democrats will look back some day with fondness on old G.W. He's a Big Government guy if there was ever was one. Education, a whole new branch of Government (Homeland Security), more Medicare spending with the drug benefit, Amnesty, the list is long.

Seeing the President happily work with the Democrats will make me wretch after his obstruction of his own party's desire for a fence on the Southern border. After not vetoing all the pork-laden crap that passed for legislation, it will make me nuts to see him approve even more pork in the hands of the Democrats.

One bonus of the Democrats: they want to lower student load interest rates. Hey Dems! Go one better and give students the ability to refinance as many times as they want, like you do for home mortgages. Go another better and stop raising student loan limits. Make the colleges cut their expenses. Talk about cutting a fat hog. Colleges have increased fees and tuition, for what exactly? Restrict loans and suddenly the college rates will be restricted, too.

As an aside, though, does it show you where the Dem's heads are at when their big issues are the minimum wage and student loans when we have an enemy wanting to destroy the U.S.? It's frakkin' surreal. Ameritopia, man. Gotta love it!

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