Saturday, November 04, 2006

Baby Killer, Jessica Coleman, Lauded

I didn't see this anywhere. Gina Cobb posted on it before going on her vacation. Never had heard of this girl. She stabbed her baby en utero, then when she birthed the baby she stabbed it again and "dropped it", it died and she gave the dead body to her boyfriend to dispose.

The delightful Ms. Coleman was on Oprah. Ahhh, that's why I didn't know about her. Don't watch TV and haven't seen Oprah in years. Gina says that, "Coleman is now being portrayed as a likeable figure with lessons to teach other young girls. "


And partial birth abortion comes to the SCOTUS. Just think, this girl could have done it all legally.

Personal responsibility, such a quaint, old-fashioned notion.


Chalmers said...

Yet another "misunderstood" and "undereducated" young person. What a load of bull shite. This girl belongs in prison.

Confused, think you have no options? Well guess what, you do. You can carry YOUR baby to term and give it up for adoption, keep it, or kill it en utero and GO TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

This is just another example of the liberals/democrats (don't tell me it is any other folks defending this murderous sow) not wanting people like me in their party. I want to support ideas that run counter my favorite agnostic, Karl Rove, but the only people that seem to run counter to him are even more evil.

Anonymous said...

Jessica deserves to be in jail...there is always an option and for her to sit on oprah and ball sayin im so sorry about this and that well it makes me mad..she could have had that baby it would have made one family happy one family not able to have kids happy but no she thought she couldnt let anyone down...gosh i was 16 when i was pregnant i let alot of people down but who cares seriously...i made alot of people happy with her. i didnt kill my kid..i had her and shes wonderful...why and how could someone do that to a poor innocent kid..i dont care what her excuse is she deserves to be in that jail for LIFE....she took a life so she is sentenced to life..i think thats actually its not she needs to be stabbed and thrown in a quarry like her little baby was....

sofia manita said...

Im a portuguese lawyer and im trying to contact Jessica Coleman. I already sent a letter to Ohio Reformatory for Woman, but it was refused because it didnt had the inmate number. Im not even sure she is there, so i ask all you, if anyone can help me, to send her contact to my email adress:
Best regards.
Dra. Sofia Manita

Anonymous said...

Although most of you make great comments I have to ask myself why we cannot forgive. This woman obviously has been blessed with a gift from above to teach others a different path from her own. If she can save one teenager from doing and going through what she has been through, then she has served her purpose. I wish nothing but the best for her and hope she fulfills her purpose here on earth.
"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."