Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ace: Terrorists Endorse Democrats

Yes they do. And well they should. Life would be so much better for them if Democrats could take the President's time answering subpoenas and defending his decisions rather than hunting, killing and prosecuting terrorists.

Have you heard about it in the MSM? What? You haven't? Ace explains why:

But the media knows damn well the quotes are genuine, and certainly will not arrange telephone interviews (with people quite happy to talk to the press) in order to report the story themselves. They'll just embargo the story completely.

That's the media's most potent power -- not shading or slanting stories this way or that. But simply refusing to report major stories they feel may cause Americans to think "the wrong things."

So CNN can hang itself with its claim that "We're not in the business of censoring the news." That's precisely the business it's in, and business is good.

Amen, Ace. That's why I chortle when I hear anyone defend any major news source as being balanced. Ha! Back in the day of college publications, I learned that what didn't make it was often more important than what made it.

Read all about the endorsements, and who's making them here.

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