Sunday, November 05, 2006

Condom Nation

Why do young people shun condoms? Ignorance? No. Lack of availability? Buwhahaha! How about this: It's not cool to want wear a condom. What does it say about trust? What does it say about spontaneity?

My, my. How can we expect young people to use condoms when immature adults have the same problem? Eww, requesting condom use means talking about sex which means I'm thinking about sex which means that I'm a hussy. Or, for men, talking about a condom means I won't have the lovely ungloved experience I so richly deserve or don't trust her when she says she's using birth control.

Social pressures and perceptions that influence young people's sexual behavior are markedly similar around the world, London researchers said.

Among the themes were:

-- Sex-related decisions are based on a partner's social position or behavior.

-- Condoms carry a stigma and are associated with a lack of trust.

-- A sexual partner can influence not only condom usage but sexual behavior in general.

-- Gender stereotypes of boys being experienced and girls sexually naive exist.

-- Sex offers both penalties and rewards.

-- Reputations are important.

-- Social expectations impede discussions about sex.

When researchers find a way for adults to talk about this (remember this topic here and here?), maybe they'll come up with a way for young people to talk about it. Somehow I doubt it. That would mean everyone grows up.


Antoinette said...

LOL!! So 30 years after the sexual revolution the same old sexual ignorances and stereotypes flourish, added with mind boggling sexual irresponsibilty. Is anyone surprised? Let's call this revolution a bust and bring back the ancien regime. The Victorians after all were brought about the decadence of the Regency era when Jane Austen was appalled by so many "young ladie's going to hell nowadays."

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that is the reason pornograhpy is so high in this country because people just don't talk about sex. How can that change?
Does it start with the parents?

Teri said...

From a column by Don Feder:

"Leslie Unruh, of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, says she attended a conference of sex educators where a speaker asked the audience if they would have sex with the man or woman of their dreams knowing that person had AIDS and they only have a condom for protection. In a crowd of several hundred, no one raised their hand."

If the educators won't trust them, why should anyone else?

Dr. Melissa said...


That's a good point, but your link relates to the safety of condoms. Which anyone who knows anything about STDs (and sex educators ostensibly know about these) would never have sex with an HIV positive person--losing the opportunity to massage Brad Pitt's ass be damned.

The point is that WORLDWIDE (this wasn't just "Puritanical" America) there are social pressures that the weak and immature can't handle and they end up having sex, getting pregnant, getting STDs.

Everyone is very educated--about the mechanics. They aren't so educated about the morals. And only a belief system that supercedes our own human desires can prevent actions that end up with these unfortunate results.

There is a reason that Jesus said sexual sins were like taking fire into your very soul.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt it. That would mean everyone grows up.


Teri said...

Dr. Melissa,

My point is that if the educators don't trust condoms, how stirringly can they educate people about them? I have volunteered in sex ed classes, teaching on abstinence, and I can tell you that kids/teens are very sensitive to hypocracy.

"And only a belief system that supercedes our own human desires can prevent actions that end up with these unfortunate results."

Does that mean that only religious people can abstain from sex? That doesn't seem to be true in the real world.