Thursday, November 09, 2006

Duetche Welle: "Europeans Revel in US Republican's Defeat"

And I revel in the fact that Europe's national language will soon be Arabic. (Update: I really don't. This is called sarcasm.)

Do they really believe that when Democrats take over, the West will cease facing an existential threat in the form of Islamofascism or Islamism (depending on the word of the moment)? Or will they gloat all they way to the guillotine of their own making?

"There is less White House in America now and a little less America in the world," Dominique Moisi, special councillor at the French Institute of International Relations, told Reuters news service.
Even cutting off their noses economically doesn't concern Europe:

Trade talks may sour

Observers also worried that trade negotiations currently underway between the US and the European Union could take a hit, post-election.

"The democratic Congress would probably be marginally more protectionist than the current one and this would not bode well for the current negotiations in the WTO framework, considering in particular that the 'fast track' mandate for the Bush administration for striking a deal expires in July 2007," the European Policy Center's Missiroli said.

Bush's "fast track" negotiating power allows him to authorize trade deals.

Who cares about the economy slowing further in Europe the favorite scapegoat is weakened? Let's keep our priorities straight here!

It so interesting to see the European Nations turn into the Middle East. All their economic misery, immigration problems, pessimism gets externalized in the form of an American President--who they don't vote for, who has no control of their economic, social or foreign policy and who will be out of office sooner rather than later. Who will they blame then?


Anonymous said...

I know you have strong opinions about Europe in general. Reading some of the other bloggers, I notice they do too. Some is certainly right on but other things, well...all I can say is that you have to go to Europe and be there for a while and then form an opinion on that experience there. It is very different from what I keep reading here. Also, one of the reasons there are so many Europeans leaving Europe is not because of fear that they will turn into the Middle East but rather for employment reasons. I just read an article about that the other day.

Chalmers said...

just out of curiosity, where are they headed for jobs?

Anonymous said...

Many are moving to Western Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scaninavia and even more to the United States.

Die Welt

However, I would like to say that some of what I'm reading in the European journals also conflicts with some of what my European friends are telling me since there is indeed a huge influx of Muslims in Europe. I can see both sides, but also both sides tend to stretch or leave out facts.

I just recently spoke with some European friends and they also have told me that people that they've known moved to the USA for employment reasons. However,
The Brussels Journal says, "Dutch society is most visible in its emigration figures"...there are many muslims that are moving into that country. The number of emigrants are staggering. They did not mention, however, that it had anything to do with unemployment.

I am too, just trying to gather info from various places, American writers and European writers, to get perspective on this issue. As with many issues, I doubt that that it is a cut and dry situation.

Have a nice day!