Thursday, November 09, 2006

Republicans Loss: It's McCain's Fault and Blech! To the Moderate Middle

I felt from the beginning of Bush's first administration that McCain would do anything to deep-six the President. And he did, to his own demise. I find the "moderates" repugnant. The Senate's elder statesmen and women ruined Bush's chances for more originalist judges, they dithered on immigration, they were always smarter than the American people. The only place McCain didn't put his hurt ego first was Iraq, and that, because he's a fighting man himself. Even still, he couldn't shut his big yapper and support Rummy and Bush.

He. Is. Done.

I am rethinking the whole move to the middle thing. George Will is right--Republicans (McCain) abandoned conservatism and it cost them. Fiscal conservatism is not moderate, it's conservative. Abolishing affirmative action isn't moderate. Neither is voting against Gay Marriage.

Hmmmm..... Maybe, it comes down to this: The Republicans got elected and didn't do what they promised and were stonewalled by the Senate and didn't have a leader in Bush was willing to push them hard enough by going directly to the people ala Reagan. I think Bush is too moderate too, which also cost them.

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