Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Duke Rape Idiot Prosecuter Re-Elected

His race-mongering and travesty of justice will continue. Some encouraging words from Liestoppers:

LieStoppers will still be here tomorrow morning, breathing fire. Forget despair… think dogged determination. We don't do angst, we redouble our efforts. Every Ashley propaganda piece has fueled a stunning rebuttal from someone on the blog. A twisted missive popping up from the professor-ly-pitiful Gang of 88 is manna for our creative heaven. Every Nifong outrage inspires us, rejuvenates us, rededicates us. I know these LieStoppers. A Nifong victory tonight will not bring ANY of us to despair. It will burnish ALL of us to whatever brilliance we might hope to possess. We will dig deeper, we will delve further… we will leave no stone unturned. We will write and rhyme and reason... parse the law and produce wickedly funny cartoons. We will not be eviscerated by a Nifong win today… by heaven, this crew will be invigorated.
I keep imagining those boy's families. They must be devastated. How utterly disappointing. KC Johnson describes the travesty:
Last night’s results confirmed the existence of a larger constituency for the politics of revenge and prosecutorial misconduct than anyone could have thought possible seven months ago. But Nifong offered more than simple, Chan Hall-style revenge: with some well-timed assistance from others, his actions and rhetoric helped recreate in Durham a mirror image of the Deep South legal system of the late 1950s.
This case gives me a very bad feeling. KC Johnson is right. There seems to be race-based rage that equals the reverse from the '50s. I see a public lynching coming.

Parents, don't send your children to Duke.

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