Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Huge Turnout Is Good For America--UPDATE

While the Nation is polarized, the Nation is also engaged.

Via Glenn Reynolds, John Podhoretz says this:

Happy or suicidal with tonight's results, something colossal and profoundly important has happened in the United States beginning in 2000 — the re-engagement of the American people with politics. We have had four enormously consequential elections in a row now in which voters have cast their ballots in numbers that we were told we'd never see in our lifetimes. I don't see how you can view this as anything but a wondrous development for the United States.
As long as all results are legal and fair and valid, huge turnout and the other guys winning bothers me less. My side has work to do and we need to get to work.

I think the political class has been smug and entitled and self-satisfied and lazy. I think they believe that they have shown scorn to the people who have gotten them into office. They need to know that it's a new day in America. They need to remember the voters. They need to represent the voter's interests, but more importantly, they need to remember America's best interests.

Ace makes a really good point and this would be the downside of the "new day in America":

Mickey Kaus has been calling this the "perverse" election for a while.

Bush's policies are unpopular, it seems. Especially his immigration policy. Americans don't like his amnesty plan.

So, if America votes in a Democratic House, they'll get the policies they favor, right?

Well, not so much.

Here it comes -- now America gets the Bush Amnesty Plan it didn't want.

Congrats, enjoy!

Millions upon millions of new Democratic voters! Hey, no problem, we're in the minority anyway, right?

Thanks to HotAir.

I'm afraid this is exactly what we'll get--exactly what we didn't (and I mean Democrat and Republican voters) want.

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