Saturday, November 04, 2006

Priest Commits Suicide to Bring Attention to Islamic Threat--UPDATED, Scroll Down

An "erudite" German, Christian Priest burns himself alive to draw attention to the problem of Islam taking over the Western world. And here is the response:

The Protestant Bishop of Saxony, Axel Noack, said the suicide had shocked the community and that he hoped it would not hurt relations between Christians and Muslims.
Are you kidding me? Relations will improve. One less infidel to fight and conquer. One less ideologically honest person to persuade by force.

The Germans keep dithering and they won't have to worry about "hurt relations"--the only people left will by Muslims.

UPDATE: More at the Belmont Club courtesy Glenn Reynolds.
Not Weisselberg's death, but the fact it was unremarked may be the real story of this event. Gestures must express some deep but unexpressed emotion to be effective. Roland gave the performance of his life but the gallery was empty. And now there is a stir offstage. Is it a new cast of players come to perform? Or have the night watchmen arrived to turn out the lights?


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that this priest would do this to himself. I read the article and it was interesting because my friend in Germany and I just spoke about this very topic today on the phone when I shared with her the article that the Anchoress had on Mark Styen. I've not read any of his stuff yet but perhaps it's time to order. As you guessed right, to say that all of Europe will become Islam is a scare tactic in her opinion. She shared of course, problems that are over there and the things they see everyday. I forwarded the article on.

Anonymous said...

I find this incredibly disturbing!

If this take over is really going to happen as some have predicted within the next ten to twenty years, I fear for our children! Pehaps this display of burning will bring this issue even more to the for front in Europe.

Someone just shared that there was a special last night on CNN on this very subject of Islam's desire to take over Europe, England, and the US. It will play again this evening. It's too heavy for children though.

Anonymous said...

And the Islamic Republic of Eurabia marches on...