Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Senate Snake-Pit--UPDATE, Scroll Down

Can we just agree that neither party learned a thing with this election? You know what, I don't care so much about the Democrats because they didn't get my votes this time. I do care about Republicans and how they continue to wash their future down the drain of the past.

Jeff Goldstein's opinion here.

Glenn Reynold's opinion here.

Michelle Malkin's opinion here.

Charles of LGF opinion here.

John Hawkins of RWN here.

Captain's Quarters' opinion here.

When I find more. I'll add them. Sigh.

Update: MaxedOutMama says the other side has reason to sigh, too:

Welcome to the real world. The problem for both parties and the American population is that we have a lot of unethical people in Congress, and that the one thing the movers and shakers of both parties fail to do is censure them in any meaningful way. What was the one example of GOP/Dem cooperation in Congress we had last year? The leaders of both parties were outraged that a subpoena issued by a judge was executed against Jefferson's office. The leaders of both parties love pork, and the leaders of both parties seem to want to be above the law. We've got reason to sigh.
I'm still steamed about the subpoena thing. These inbred buffoons think they're above the law. It is one thing they can all agree on--self-protection.

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