Wednesday, December 06, 2006

2006 Weblog Awards Nominations

The 2006 Weblog AwardsAnd I am nominated as one of the Best of the Rest! Ha!

Some of my very Favorite Blogs are nominated:

Best Blog: Instapundit

Best Individual Blog: The Anchoress

Best Humor Blog: Scrappleface

Best Conservative Blog: Man, what a tough category! I love LGF and Ace and Captain's Quarters and Michelle Malkin and on and on. I'm not sure who I'd vote for.

Best Centrist Blog: Ann Althouse. Weird category. I didn't know such an animal existed.

Best Media Blog: Newsbusters.

Best Technology Blog: Ugh. Another impossible category. I love Tech Crunch and Gizmodo and Endgadget and Slashdot. I don't know who I'd pick.

Best Military Blog: Shoot me. Just shoot me. Wait, a minute, these people have guns. This category is tough, too and not just because they all wear kevlar. I read Michael Yon and Mudville Gazette most.

Best Law Blog: The Volokh Conspiracy

Best Business Blog: I like Asymetrical Information and Reasoned Audacity.

Best LGBT Blog: Gay Patriot

Best Medical/Health Issues: I like a Cheerful Oncologist. (I also like Dr. Clouthier, but he didn't make the list.)

Best Gossip Blog: Perez Hilton. (A word of advice to Pink is the New Blog: Your blog is a jumble. It is a pain to link to and hard to read. I'd go there more, because you're funny and all, but sheesh!)

Best Video Blog: Hot Air

Best European Blog: I like Medienkritik and The Brussels Journal (which is a daily, must read).

Best Middle East Blog: Iraq the Model.

Best Top 250: StoptheACLU

Best 251-500: Betsy's Page (of course!)

Best 5001-6750: GINA COBB--WOO HOO!!!! Props to the home girl!!!!

Best of the Rest: Me! Dr. Melissa Clouthier--I'm definitely voting for me! I hope you vote for me, too.

Does it disturb you that I know as many blogs as I do? I'm a little frightened, myself.


Anna said...

Naw, I read over 50 blogs. And Pink is the New Blog is indeed a mess!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I forgot all about this. And of course, I'll vote for you too. Disappointed that Dr. Clouthier did not make the list. Oh well!