Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iraq Study Group--Delusion

It's timely. It's topical. And I've avoided blogging about it like the plague, mostly because it's utter crap. It's difficult to take this group seriously when they are so un-serious about the realities we, (I was going to say the West) but really we, America, face.

Charles at LGF says:

The Iraq Study Group wants the US to support the radical Islamic terror group. Of course, they also say Syria should step in and help convince Hamas to give up their genocidal dreams.

And these guys are supposed to be “realists?”

Yes, "selling Israel down the river" as he says equates "realism".

Gina is boiling and says:
What does it mean to say that no military solution will work unless Iraq finds "national reconcilliation" and has "political progress?" Iraq's problem is not lack of political progress -- it set up a government and elected representatives in a fair and open elections. Iraq's problem is that it is been attacked violently by terrorists who could not care less what the elections achieved. Iraq is being undermined not by lack of dialogue, but with IEDs and car bombs and rifles and swords. That is a terrorism problem and a military problem, and it has to be solved militarily. If America, with all of its massive military resources can't solve that military problem, how does it expect Iraq to do so by itself?
Ace goes with this:

Baker Group: We Must Give More To Iran In Return For Its Complete Defeat Of US

The whole thing is inexplicable, except for this: A surgeon sees the world as a scalpel. James Baker, talker to the stars, sees negotiation and compromise in all he does.

Between illegal aliens and Iraq, do those in government give even the littlest turd about the will of the people?

Dr. Sanity says this:
Delusional is precisely the word for it. Some, apparently prefer to refer to it as "realism".

I see this sort of cognitive process all the time with patients who simply can't figure out why responding in the same dysfunctional manner to events in their life doesn't seem to work any better on the third, fourth, or fifth try. God forbid they examine those thought processes and adjust their behavior to the reality of the situation.
Delusion is realism. Welcome to 1984. I love state-speak.