Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 Commences

2006 flew by faster than the speed of thought. It seems impossible to imagine that another new year is here. I sound old. Eh, whatevuh! May God bless 2007 for you and yours!

This was a great year for me and my family. Everyone is healthy and happy. Meanwhile, the world is sick and unhappy, and I'll write more about it later. This last week I haven't been writing, I've been absorbing pop-culture via expanded digital cable. I'm still astonished.

What will 2007 bring? Who knows? The Anchoress has a round-up of predictions from across the web. Man, I've missed her wisdom. Look at this, for example:

Also, I think the Newsbusters folks are not understanding Dennis Miller’s excellent snark, here. He said:

Let’s see, maybe it’s time for a Democratic president. Stay with me. Because the next step in the inevitable escalation in this war with radical Islam is going to involve us being appreciably more brutal and ruthless than we have been to date. And I think the left’s cronyism with the mainstream media will provide cover for someone on that side of things to up the ante.

He makes a valid point: A Democrat president could get away with all the stuff President Bush has done, is doing and wants to do to fight Islamofascism, because the (89% Registered Democrat) press will work for that president, instead of against him…or her. Come on, now…do you really think the NY Times would have done the Plame dance, or leaked the NSA and SWIFTBANKS stories if a Democrat had been leading the charge? Quite the contrary…if a President Clinton, Gore or Kerry had taken on this fight, appreciably weakened AlQ, gotten Libya to give up their WMD, nailed Hussein and helped Iraq become sovereign, AND kept the economy running at full steam, the press would be urging the purchase of TNT for an additional head on Mt. Rushmore. They’d be toasting the “humanitarian president” who freed women from oppression and helped shape the middle east into a democracy, etc, etc, etc…hell…they’d be endorsing oil drilling in ANWR.

So maybe Miller is right…but now…how do we find a Democrat we can really, really trust to sincerely want to fight Islamofascism. You know, someone who MEANS it. And who the press hasn’t turned on, like Joe Lieberman…

This last week Saddam hung and President Ford died and James Brown passed into the next life (and Michael Jackson showed up!!!!) and the extent of the insight I got was given by Tom Brokaw and Anderson Cooper or is it Cooper Anderson? These events were given the same weight. No, check that. Finding information on Saddam's situation were short, hand-wringing segments on the cruelty of the death penalty. No joke.

No internet for a week. Argghhhh! Do I miss the MSM? No, I do not. They didn't even show Saddam hang. Why are we afraid to show this violence? Given the life this man lead, showing his dead, swinging body from the gallows would not be gratuitous. It would be demonstrating justice. And no, I'm not happy about it, and take no joy in it, and I do not celebrate. I'm just glad it's done. Jeff Goldstein encapsulates my view perfectly and links to Roger Simon who takes on some head-shakers as the "anti-death penalty purists". He names narcissism as the culprit.

And the War wages on, and Michael Yon write of the strangeness of it all.

Kofi Annan is gone, thank heavens for 2007. Instapundit points to this. By the way, Glenn seems to feel as blue to be back as I feel. He enjoyed the sunny Keys, I enjoyed the sunny Florida Gulf. No matter, it was sunny and involved driving, a lot, today. Like Glenn, we had good travel and no problems with traffic. Driving I-10, north of New Orleans...actually, driving through Louisiana in general, was strange this year. The traffic is so considerably lighter than ever in the past. Could the loss of citizenry in New Orleans really affect travel so dramatically? My hubby says, yes.

So, here I post, back in my north-of-Houston saddle, without predictions for 2007 and turning out to be boringly predictable in my resolutions, that almost always end up lacking the resolve they contain during that hopeful kiss-filled first moment of the new year. Thanks, Mama, for bringing me back to reality! I've missed you this last week. By the way, this in no way diminishes my dreams or goals, which I carefully craft each January 1st with my Dream Board.

Pardon me while I have an existential blogging moment. I've missed the Internet these last eight days. I find myself incapable of feeling informed with TV alone. Waiting for 45 minutes as the Weather Channel strolls through the nation's various and sundry mini-catastrophes is excruciating. Typing in a zip code and voila! Weather! Now, that's power.

During my vacation, I finally read the Blog Father's tome An Army of Davids. And for nerds like me, it's empowerment in a book jacket. The book is excellent. The chapter on living in space, well, was the least interesting part of a most interesting book.

My only prediction for 2007: more power in more people's hands and less leadership which will result in more chaos. Some will respond to the chaos in totalitarian ways and others will wait for someone to make a decision. Who, exactly, is the world waiting for to save them from the mess they face? Since it's en vogue to be consumed by Bush blood lust, and he seems to be one of the few willing to actually make a decision, who will fill this vacuum?

The world, I fear, will be an even more chaotic place in 2007.