Sunday, December 24, 2006

Britain: God is Almost Dead--UPDATED


I expect this trend to come to America. Heck, I believe this trend is here. While the Left identifies Chrisitianists as Satan's foot soldiers and while the Evangelicals worry about evolution, quietly, imperceptibly America grows weary of religion.

UPDATE: Dan Collins asks this over at Protein Wisdom:

Intellectuals often believe that membership in a faith community proves narrow-mindedness and establishment leanings. They love to pride themselves on their independence from such purveyors of false consciousness. And yet, even as they speak of the transparency of others’ ideologies to themselves, they never consider their own, nor do they acknowledge their own arrogance. Christ, when asked why he spoke in parables, replied that if a child asked for bread, who would give him a stone? Where is Lacanianism for the masses?

What I believe in, in transsubstantiation, for example, is it absurd? Of course it is. But its promises are glorious, and its effects are palpable to me. Tell me, you who see this as a flight into ignorance and a refuge in hokum, what it is that what you believe has to offer me. Show me how you are transfigured by your knowledge. Make me believe in something worthy of my belief.

I am listening.

Go, read the whole thing and read the comments and be illuminated.

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