Thursday, December 07, 2006

Celebrities You Want to See

What celebrities do you want to see in a movie? Evidently, Tom Cruise has fallen out of favor. I still say it's his chastisement of Brooke Shields for drug use for depression not his creepy weird Scientology stuff that peeved the majority of doped up Americans indignant that they might be implicated in their own mental health. Maybe it's both the drugs and the religion.

I saw his Mission Impossible III movie. It was pretty good. Mel Gibson makes good epic, bloody movies. I think people will watch his new movie. We'll soon see.

My opinion is that the average American isn't interested in any of these people giving opinions on anything political, health, scientific, etc. The Dixie Chicks are mad about it, but all most people really want from them is to "shut up and sing." Ditto, Tom. Shut up and act. Ditto, Mel. Shut up and direct. Ditto, Gwyneth. Shut up and mother.

Mainly, just shut up.

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Antoinette said...

Well I am mad at Tom Cruise for making those of us who question the use of pyscho-tropic drugs look ridiculous. His, actually dead on, comments about ritalin came at the same time as his silly couch jumping antics. People connect the two; and now anyone who seriously questions medicating children will be accused to being as crazy as Tom Cruise.