Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moqtada....You're Next!--UPDATED Scroll Down

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has a fantastic poster up from WWII. Man, I'd love some kick-ass political propaganda to get everyone riled about fighting our maniacal enemy. He says:

Under far more difficult circumstances than we face today, against a much tougher enemy, with well more than a hundred times the lives lost, they persevered, preserved this nation's freedom, destroyed our enemies, and paid the Japanese back in blood more than a hundred fold for what was done to our nation at Pearl Harbor. For that, even a thousand years from now, Americans will still be thanking them for their sacrifices, courage, wisdom, and determination.
He brings up an excellent point. On the cover of Newsweek is a demented picture of Moqtada al-Sadr--the yellow-toothed, corpulent nut who has his own brigade. That fat little troll needs to be wiped off the map.

It's when Americans see stumpy thugs like this that anger at the war effort gets stoked. If we can't win against that guy, what the hell is wrong with us? The President and Generals at the top need to kick out the embedded reporters, black out the media for a week and go on a search and destroy mission. On the other side of a week, I would expect an obsequious and subservient Iraqi populace.

That would be a nice place to start. Then we can "dialogue."

Ace brings up several good points about the idiocy of the Sunnis fighting their protectors, the Americans:

That, of course, will not happen. The Sunnis will never control Iraq again; the best they can hope for is the success of the American plan to create a stable, peaceful, power-sharing and federalist Iraq in which they have, yes, a disproportionate amount of power, but not the total control they once had.

That's their best option. The other option -- the one they may finally have brought to fruition -- is to have no power at all, and to be driven out of the cities into the barren (and oil-free) wastelands of the western deserts, to live out their lives in misery and privation, and to occasionally have these sad lives cut short by Shi'ite gangs raiding villages and killing them by the dozens.

It's time to use that fact to our advantage. It's time to get "realistic." And the realistic way to settle this is to announce -- couched in diplomatic language that makes it seem less vicious than it actually is -- that unless the Sunnis disarm immediately, and before the Shi'ite militas do, the US can no longer justify the cost in lives to protect the Sunnis from Shi'ite militas. Compliant Sunni areas that give up or drive out their Al Qaeda or Ba'athists terrorists will have US/coaltion garrisons to defend them, and vigorous patrolling to protect them from murder.

Areas which do not comply will be left to the tender mercies of the law of superior firepower.

This strategy supposes the Sunnis are rational. I posit that they are not. They are stupid bordering on suicidal. These are the people who elevate suicide, remember. Are they suicidal en masse? That's the question.