Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow Can Stay in Britain

What a pretentious snob! On the continuum of snobbiness, there's the Hollywood Types, then the next notch up are the East Coast elites, then there are the Americans wishing to be Europeans like Jon Carry, and then there are the Americans who actually move to Europe to show how far above the rest of the American little people they float. Some feign really bad British accents like Madonna. Others, like Gwyneth and Johnny Depp have a flair for the accent, which is good--they can permanently use them.

Ugh. What wretched ingratitude!

Both Instapundit and Perez agree on this. Maybe America isn't so divided, after all.

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Anna said...

Now there's something new... Instapundit and Perez agreeing on something!