Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Michigan Continues to Die

Michigan, where I grew up, continues its decline. Livonia, a town where we lived briefly when I was a toddler, is losing jobs as Ford cuts back its work force. Honestly, after reading this New York Times piece, I'm shocked that the area is doing as well as it is.

What the Times doesn't talk about is how the Labor Unions would like to export their special brand of hell to auto workers, Wal-Mart workers, and other low-skill workers nationwide. It's an attempt to solidify their own control, but just look at the long-term results in Michigan.

Michigan is also a victim of oppressive taxation both Federally and in the State. How can American car companies compete with foreign companies when the vehicles are taxed at every level and so heavily?

It is difficult watching my home state go through this. I wonder what will be on the other side? Is it possible for a group of citizenry made dull from generations of institutional care-taking to embrace freedom and entrepreneurship and live again?

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