Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Socialized Medicine

Some of you, when you look at your monthly premiums and all the rest of your health care costs and when you rage against the machine because actually helpful health care (like provided in our office) isn't covered adequately by insurance, please know it could be worse:

Via Instapundit , watch to learn a short course in Brain Surgery--in Canada. I've talked about the solution to our health care troubles before. In a word: CASH. I doubt anyone will listen to me, though.


Anonymous said...

On a different note:

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Happy Birthday to you,
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carol said...

I do fear that my generation, the boomers, will sell out for health care. Lots of us in our fifties are vulnerable. My brother went bare for years after losing his job but before he finally qualified for Medicare. Luckily is was basically healthy. Had to be! He just never saw doctors, period.

But I don't hear much about single payer now. What I have heard is a pitch to just expand Medicare out to cover more age groups. Personally it would be nice if it covered 55+ for my own sake. But how is Medicare really doing? It's not solvent. I know doctors hate it. How long until we have Canadian-style rationing, even if a private system exists alongside it?

Dr. Melissa said...

Medicare sounds like a good idea. When people are faced with limited income and the possibility of failing health, fear drives decisions. When the biggest generation is gripped by fear, they have the power to change policy their way even if it means that their children and grand-children will suffer.

Every intervention that separates the consumer from the product causes problems. Prices increase. Arcane rules for service ensue. The really troubled people who need help don't get it soon enough. The people who aren't really sick clog the system.

Canada and Britain give us perfect examples of the consequences. Why don't liberals see these consequences too?