Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ace Consults Leading Democratic Military Expert

I swear, Ace is on a roll. I've been laughing and laughing. It's somewhat of a bloggerly inside joke--Glen Greenwald everyone's favorite sock-puppet finds himself in some macho photo-shopping. I bet he secretly likes it. (By the way, a sock puppet is someone posing as someone else while commenting on another blog to extol himself in the third-person. Greenwald did this a couple different places under the name Rick Ellenberg or some such. He's a silly man of monumental leftist, progressive proportions--think Bart Simpson Blimp in the Macy's Parade big. He got caught with his trousers down and then blamed his boyfriend. Silly. Silly. Silly.)

This is my favorite picture. And this is my favorite response to the argument that any able-bodied person in support of the war should throw on some Kevlar and fight. Ugh. What a dope. Here's John at RightWingNews response:

If he doesn't think you can back the President on a surge without participating, then the reverse should be true. Since Greenwald wants us to surrender to the insurgents in Iraq, he should be over there acting as a human shield for a member of the sectarian death squads. Heck, if you add in all his sock puppets, Greenwald could act as a human shield for 4 or 5 terrorists and neck cutters.

Other people have made similar points and Greenwald has a long, tortured explanation for why this sort of non-reasoning only applies to people who believe in winning the war, not people advocating that America surrender in Iraq, but it's such bupkis that it's not even worth addressing.

Strap on some boots pacifists and protect the innocent. Aren't the principles they fight for worthy of death? Since the freedom fighters only want to liberate Iraq from the "invaders" and "occupiers". Wow, don't you feel secure knowing Keith Ellison is watching the borders? Between Ellison and Greenwald, America could rest easy....if only.