Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let's Go Shopping Together!

Before I go to bed, I want to draw your attention to the upper right-hand column. I'm trying something new. It looks like a link...and it is to my Amazon book and product recommendations. You shop just like at Amazon, but it's all stuff I pick.

I made a link for the other Dr. Clouthier, too. It's called Dr. Clouthier's Reading Room, but he also has a page on Health and Rehab equipment recommendations, books on Women's Health and books on Spiritual Health. I will encourage him to make a list of books for men. Do men read health books? Personally, I think Men's Health is an excellent magazine, in this regard, but I digress. His patients can now go straight to the web page we created instead of going to fifteen stores with a list from the doctor. (There are a zillion elbow and knee braces, for example. Some are quite expensive. This way, he picks his choice and no more fooling around.)

For my dear readers, I have a Women's Health Book Page, a Technology Page and a Favorite Things page (more insight into how my mind works). Under each product is an explanation about why it's included and why it might help you.

Let me know what you think. Do you have a topic you'd like a page of products about? I can create a favorite business/leadership books page, for example. I can include a favorite neuroscience books page. I can include a favorite autism books. Favorite fantasy books. Favorite movies. Favorite magazines. Favorite politics. Favorite biographies. You get the idea.

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. I really look forward to reading your opinions.


Chalmers said...

Interesting deal there dude. By the way, I don't think you want the iBook, but the MacBook. The iBook is the old model. Plus, you are probably really lusting after the MacBook Pro! :-)

Dr. Melissa said...

You're absolutely right! Whew! I'm glad you caught that.

I thought I wanted the Mac Book Pro but I want something smaller. I'm wondering if Apple will make a smaller Mac Book with more power or if the new iPhone is it.

Christy're said...

I would like to know your recommendations for pregnancy and having a newborn as well as nursing. (gee can't imagine why!) :)

Dr. Melissa said...


There are books on pregnancy under the women section. If you need more info let me know.