Thursday, January 18, 2007

Canon Pixma 830

I've been hemming and hawing over what printer to get for my home/business needs that didn't sound like a jet engine and didn't take up too much space and wasn't too complicated. Finally, after researching for a couple months and enduring the irritation of not being able to print for a year (I'd email things to my husband, have him print them, and bring it home--not exactly efficient), I broke down an bought this.

Wow! And again, wow!!

Printers sure have changed in the last six years since we bought our last one. The clarity and speed amaze me. But the most shockingly good part of it is the picture quality. I am looking at a 4x6 picture of my son that looks like it's professionally done. Gorgeous. I'll probably still get my photos printed because it will be cheaper and better quality, but for a photo that needs to be printed here and there, this machine does a beautiful job.

And, it looks good doing it. Not too bulky and not that taupe ugly color, it has a small footprint. There is so much junk on my desk (mostly because Little Toot gets IN my desk drawers and the cupboards all valued items get put on the desk), the printer size is very important.

I just read a review that says to watch out--it hogs ink. Well, I'm not going to be publishing books from this thing. I do have to figure out how to print "drafts" to save ink.

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