Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ice Storm: Framing the Story--UPDATED

UPDATE: This just in, the Democratic Underground sees the national cold-snap (in January mind you) as evidence that Bush has destroyed the environment more than we ever imagined, EVAH, with Global Warming!!!!

Under the stress of the situation, some primates have taken the toilet brush in their own hand. MaxedOutMama has the whole dramatic story.


An MSM acount of local weather:

Widespread destruction among the Yaupon leaves here in Dr. Clouthier's front yard. Devastation everywhere. Sleet and freezing rain slammed North Houston yesterday in the most dramatic winter storm since 1997. Thousands of people reported lost power for hours. The homeless sought shelter. Over a hundred people ate at the local soup kitchen. Supplies for making chili ran out in local stores. Everyone hunkered down and prepared for the worst.

And now, for some bloggerly perspective:

We missed one day of school yesterday which the kids loved. They touched icicles for the first time in their lives. It's hard for me to fathom that, given my Michigan childhood and years dreaming of getting away from icicles.

The trees were beautiful in a winter wonderland kind of way. I'm glad it's melting today, though. Back to mild Texas winters. It's 39 degrees and raining. Ha! Just warm enough to keep ice away. The streets were never that bad. I guess the ground was warm enough to not keep the ice. It was just slick in spots. All in all, a lovely day.