Friday, January 26, 2007

The Child-Centered Congress

You know how I'm sick of Nancy Pelosi's fecund uterus? You know how I'm sick of all the talk of squirming little bundles of bouncing energy and the future and "it's for the children"?

The reason why this talk brings on my morning sickness, mid-day sickness and and night-sickness too, is that I thinks it is bullshit. Sorry. That was blunt. Just so you know, I don't view bullshit as a swear word. I favor it, because it's so descriptive. I don't believe these ambitious, eat-my-mother-for-breakfast women mean a word of all their professed caring. All this baby talk reminds me of John McCain's nasty rhetoric about torture. Strange transition, but follow me, here.

McCain brought up legislation to eliminate torture, remember? What was the implication in his tone? Anyone who opposes the legislation MUST BE FOR TORTURE. Likewise, anyone who is against Pelosi's mommy-state legislation (no nannies, oh hell no! We were stay-at-home, bake the cookies moms--that warm fuzzy information via Wolf Blitzer and his snuggly interview with one of Pelosi's progeny.) is against America's children and their sun-shiny future.

It's manipulative and vacuous. It's just all so child-like. Have you had this conversation with your kid lately?

Johnny: I want to go to Jimmy's house to play.

Mom: No, you need to study for your test tomorrow.

Johnny: You NEVER let me do what I want to. You ALWAYS say no. You must be against my friends.

Whenever a Congress person is Jonesin' for their way, they resort to baby talk. So far, we've had whining, theatrics and temper tantrums. How long have the Dems been the majority? Dr. Sanity has a great post along these lines, she concludes:

This childish obsession is probably directly connected to why they seem incapable of treating our completely voluntary military personnel as adult men and women capable of making choices that their Democrat mommies don't approve of. But at least they are consistent. They treat all of the American public as infants in need of their guidance and supervision.

Chief Democrat Squirrel Pelosi has made sure we know that she and her fellow Dems are doing what they do "for the children."

I'm not at all surprised. Their logic of their self-serving behavior suggests that they, themselves, are the "children" they care about most.

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Antoinette said...

As a state legislature here in CA Grandma Pelosi voted in favor of the early release law that put many a dangerous felon back on the streets. Among those was Richard Allan Davis the man who murdered 12 year old Polly Klaas. THAT is how liberal care about our cildren