Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Houston Winter Day

Busy this weekend. Moving rocks. Yes, rocks. We have a path of moss rocks in the back yard and made a family project of moving most of them to save for future landscaping needs.

I look forward to our back yard being finished. Today part of my time was spent screeching at Little Toot to get out of the underbrush. We've had so much rain and everything is twiggy and soggy and leaf-laden and mushy--a perfect home for snakes and other critters.

Still it was fun to get into the brisk air and warm sunshine. Should be 32 degrees tonight. Another cold night to kill off bugs, I hope.

Lunch consisted of beef and cheese ravioli. Everyone ate in that enthusiastic post-physical labor way while the light streamed in through the windows onto the table. Heavy pasta meals just don't work when it's 95 degrees out. Sometimes I miss the extended cold periods we had up North until I remember the dreary gray skies that came with the extended cold.

Ah, well, I still love Houston--bugs, humidity, and snakes and all.

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