Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Democrats Hypocrisy

Does anyone remember the Dem's position about troop levels before the election? I remember two:

  1. Get out now.
  2. More troops to "do the job".
Well, Bush chose #2 and guess what, even the Democrats who summoned the energy to put forth this dazzling strategy don't approve. The Anchoress, ever incisive says:

The Democrat philosophy of the past 3-4 years has essentially been, “whatever it is, if Bush is for it, we’re against it. If Bush is against it, we’re for it!”

Proving the point, Iowa Voice gives us Nancy Pelosi: She was for the surge, before she was against it.

I’m sure someone with a little time can find some more “we need more troops on the ground” noise from the ‘06 Democrat model. Biden? Dean? ***See Update Below, Kim at Wizbang has found more***

Leadership can never be born from a reactionary position of obstruction, obfuscation and second-guessing. You might win an office that way, but you won’t keep it.

As Blue Crab points out here, America did not vote the Dems in by giving them “a mandate to lose the war.”

It doesn't matter what President Bush does. Does. Not. Matter. He will be ridiculed and condemned no matter what. My feeling is that he has one year to get the job done. Democrats, terrorists, Iraqis, Europeans, and everyone else sees 2008 as a huge marker, too. If there ever was a time to stabilize Iraq, now is the time.

The Anchoress has great links, by the way. I'm not including them here, so as to not be redundant.

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