Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keith Ellison Speaks for Democrats--UPDATE

UPDATE: Turns out he didn't speak for Democrats. My bad. Tim Kaine of Virginia's response, here.

Charles at LGF reports that Keith Ellison has been named to the Judiciary Committee which:

.....oversees civil liberties, immigration, and courts. And Ellison is scheduled to give the Democrat response to the President’s speech on Iraq tonight, marking a real milestone: a former Nation of Islam member (who refuses to unambiguously repudiate it) speaking for the entire Democrat Party.
Well, at least the Democrats are being overt about their insanity. I can't help but wonder if the moderates will like this or not. The bigger question is how far have we gone?


Jason said...

I would never have stumbled on your blog if not for Google, but I have to say it's a great example of how the right has to tell lies to gain support, since "the truth has a clear liberal bias."

Fact: Keith Ellison was never a member of the Nation of Islam. He merely helped organize the Minnesota contingent of the Million Man March (which right wingnuts always want to reduce to the two-man march, Farakhan and whoever they want to smear at the moment).

Fact: Keith Ellison has completely and unambiguously repudiated the Nation of Islam in the most direct terms multiple times.

If you bothered to do 5 minute of research, you'd know this, but then the truth is obviously not your interest.

Bush's situation would be amusing if it weren't so sad and pathetic. He's like a fish flopping around on the deck of a ship that he'd never known was attached to the neocon's worm. His presidency is over. Your time is over.

Dr. Melissa said...

The Nation of Islam isn't my worry. Please. I'm worried about CAIR, I'm worried about extremism taught at Mosques. I'm waiting for a "moderate" political Muslim to use fiery speech condemning how this noble religion is being twisted beyond recognition by haters.

I'm waiting for him to answer this question: Would you prefer that America live under Sharia law? When he tells me that the Constitution is superior document to Islamic law, then I'll relax. Until then, I'm cautious about anyone leading our government, especially on such a sensitive committee, who won't clearly denunciate such a thing. Of course he won't, because some fatwa will be issued wanting his head on a platter, which kind of proves the point.

Anonymous said...

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