Thursday, January 25, 2007

Giuliani: A Moderate to Love?

I have written here before, that as a conservative I would vote for Giuliani. Why? It's simple really: because he's a leader. A secondary reason is that he can handle the press.

Captain Ed says:

I've often thought that conservatives have been too quick to dismiss Giuliani. Among the front-runners for the GOP nomination, he has the most consistent public record of accomplishment. He fought the Mob and won, crippling their once-unlimited power in the Big Apple, at no small personal risk to himself and his family. Giuliani also took on the task of running NYC when it appeared hopelessly lost to decay and a generation of liberal policies that had allowed the streets to fall under the sway of gangsters petty and grand. He also proved that welfare-to-work policies could succeed before Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress bolstered his efforts at the federal level.

Given his history of turnaround in New York, his executive experience outweighs anything offered by Mitt Romney and especially John McCain. Whatever his positions, he has proven himself more consistent in them than both men, although in Romney's case, his vacillations seem a little oversold. Romney has proven his leadership skills in the Olympics and in one term as Governor of Massachussetts, but Giuliani is a man who governed eight million people for two terms and helped rescue the city when hit by the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

That itsn't to say that his positions aren't problematic. He has been consistently pro-choice, and like many prosecutors, supports gun-control legislation. Those positions rightly make conservatives worry about what a President Giuliani would do once in office. However, he has also consistently spoken against judicial activism, and as a former federal prosecutor, knows first-hand the damage it does. Giuliani has promised to appoint judicial constructionists to the federal bench, the kind not likely to impose abortion or gun policy from their unchecked positions.

Conservatives should reconsider Giuliani. Of all the candidates in the race thus far, he has the best track record of implementing conservative governance consistently and successfully. Read the rest of the article for an in-depth history of Rudy's tenure as mayor. (via Power Line)

As for abortion, if he made promised not to give any tax dollars to support the abortion ideals fine. It's a personal opinion. Ditto, gun control. I'd also like to hear how he feels about illegal immigration.

I, too, think that Giuliani has a shot and should be considered.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that's a tough one. I have a soft spot in my heart for Guiliani because when I first started my job I had to do a $100,000 collection on NYC, regarding a defunct bureau with the key players all skedaddled. His administration had just come in, and when I finally got hold of someone they moved heaven and earth and we got paid.

But if abortion isn't a deal breaker with some conservatives, then gun control certainly is.

Dr. Melissa said...

While the Democrats explore away, we know little about the Republicans. I'm guessing that there are lots of behind-the-scenes discussions right now.