Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Immigration Reform That Won't Happen

Let me tell you what won't happen with immigration "reform":

The lawmakers will hope that by giving the taxpayer's money to people who don't contribute to the system (hospitals, social services, schools) they will create a whole new ignorant, state-dependent underclass who will vote for them. In addition, they get the benefit of business support for providing cheap labor.

How about doing the hard work of upping LEGAL immigration? Set up a "Ellis Island" in each state bordering Mexico. Set a quota. Require sponsors. Make it like the old days. Make sure these people are American immigrants in heart and mind.

And, since the funding for the border fence is such a problem, I suggest chain gangs of hardened illegal alien criminals contributing to society. Cheap labor, no? It would also send a nice message to would-be criminals about America's hospitality to bad guys.

Never gonna happen, though. America is too politically correct now to make tough decisions.

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