Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Messiness is Next to Creativity?

I would like to think so. Says Dr. Helen:

Many people I know who are successful at what they do have a cluttered desk, can't remember all their appointments, and their closets are so full to the brim with clothes and other items that the door bursts open when you so much as touch it (I won't name any names). On the other hand, I know people who are so anal retentive that they spend all their time organizing and obsessing over what goes where, so much so that nothing else gets done; those who are fans of feng shui come to mind. I don't mean to pick on these organizers; some of what they do, I am sure is of benefit to people, but how much organization is too much? In other words, do cluttered closets make for more creative minds and vice versa, do overly neat and organized closets make for a mind devoid of creativity?
As for Feng Shui, I've studied both the Eastern and Western methods quite a bit, actually. It is based on the Five Element theory as is Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and part of Applied Kinesiology. Anyway, there are very good principles for choosing a home, building a home, or organizing your home.

Does Feng Shui help create wealth, health and peace of mind? Many argue it does. We have employed certain ideas around our house and found them helpful.

At a certain point, chaos and messiness interfere with clear-headed thinking and function. So while I cheer at the idea that messiness is a good thing, I know first-hand that too much messiness makes life miserable.

(Obsessive cleaning turns one into one's mother. Just sayin' theoretically.)

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