Thursday, January 25, 2007

LGF: "Orwellian Headline of the Day"

"U.S., Iraqi Troops Clash in Baghdad" is the AP Headline. What do you think that means? That they're working together, right? Riiiiiiight. But that's exactly what they were doing--not clashing with each other as the AP would have you mindless rubes believe (because they know that you don't read beyond the headlines, if you can read at all).

LGF has more great links and information:

  • Were the downed helicopter contractors shot "execution-style"? Probably not.
  • And does President Iran Good Hair really mean "wipe off the map" or is he calling for regime change in Israel? Even Reuters knows what he means.
  • Russian Uranium smuggler caught by U.S. and Georgian officials. What the hell is happening in Russia? So much for 24 scare tactics, 'eh?

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