Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sex Offenders

Why does it seem like psychos manage to assault many children or even women and men before they get caught and yet youngsters doing what young people sometimes do, end up in prison? John Hawkins brings attention to a case in Georgia where a now twenty-year old guy will go to jail for ten years, without parole, for having sex as a teenager with a girl two years his junior who initiated the sex.

Another frustration: I routinely check the websites that list local sex predators, but the information is incomplete. Some of the situations are like the one described above. I'm not going to be concerned about that. "Sexual assault" means what? What were the age differences? Was it a family member or does s/he prowl neighborhoods looking for prey?

I'm all for tough laws and stiff penalties--some of these people are so messed up, no amount of incarceration will "cure" them. Better that they're off the streets forever. But a young man's life shouldn't be ruined because he engages in consensual sex with a peer. The laws weren't intended for that. He will be used and abused in prison. That is not justice.

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R2K said...

They get away with it when victims pussy out about their feelings and fears and not take one for the team. I cant imagine how hard it must be to be a victim of rape or abuse, but when you just try to cover it up or hide it, or forget it, you are allowing all the others after you to be raped or abused.